Cómo preparar las bibliografías y citas siguiendo el formato de ASCE.

ASCE Citation Style Guide

ASCE citation style (ASCE 2010) uses a variation of the Author-date style. To cite sources in the text, use the author-date method; list the last names of the authors, then the year. The formats are as follows: one author—(Smith 2004); two authors—(Smith and Jones 2004); three or more authors—(Smith et al. 2004).

Prepare a reference section listing all references  alphabetically by last name of the first author. In this section you should  list all the authors.  For anonymous reports and standards, alphabetize by  the issuing institution. Double-space the reference section.

Quick Guide to Common Types of Referenced Material / ASCE:


Author-Date References / ASCE:


ASCE Citation Style Guide / University of Canterbury:


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