Nuevas adquisiciones en la Biblioteca


Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Mass Transfer: Chemical Engineering Practice by K. S. Raju

Photovoltaic Systems by James P. Dunlop

Kanban for the Supply Chain: Fundamental Practices for Manufacturing Management, Second Edition by Stephen Cimorelli

Dibujo y Comunicacion Grafica (College) (Spanish Edition) by Frederick Giesecke

Soil Mechanics Lab Manual by Michael E. Kalinski

Ethics, Technology, and Engineering: An Introduction by Ibo van de Poel

Earthquakes and Engineers: An International History by Robert K. Reitherman

Engineering Ethics (4th Edition) by Charles B. Fleddermann

Introduction to Engineering Ethics by Mike Martin

The Automotive Industry in an Era of Eco-Austerity: Creating an Industry as If the Planet Mattered by Peter E. Wells

Promoting Sustainable Electricity in Europe: Challenging the Path Dependence of Dominant Energy Systems by William M. Lafferty

The Modern Theory of the Toyota Production System: A Systems Inquiry of the World’s Most Emulated and Profitable Management System by Phillip Marksberry

Engineering Ethics: Concepts and Cases by Jr. Charles E. Harris

Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education by James A. Banks

Procesos de Participación: Proyectar, Construir y Habitar la Vivienda Contemporánea (Spanish Edition) by Omayra Rivera Crespo

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