History of Cartography


On this site the University of Chicago Press is pleased to present the first three volumes of the History of Cartography in PDF format. Navigate to the PDFs from the left column. Each chapter of each book is a single PDF. The search box on the left allows searching across the content of all the PDFs that make up the first six books.

Contiene libros sobre la Historia de la Cartografía y mapas.

The History of Cartography series

Volume 1Cartography in Prehistoric, Ancient, and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean, eds. J. B. Harley and David Woodward (1987)

Volume 2, Book 1Cartography in the Traditional Islamic and South Asian Societies,eds. J. B. Harley and David Woodward (1992)

Volume 2, Book 2Cartography in the Traditional East and Southeast Asian Societieseds. J. B. Harley and David Woodward (1994)

Volume 2, Book 3Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies, eds. David Woodward and G. Malcolm Lewis (1998)

Volume 3Cartography in the European Renaissanceed. David Woodward (2007)

Volume 4Cartography in the European Enlightenmenteds. Matthew Edney and Mary Pedley (to press January 2018; forthcoming 2019)

Volume 5Cartography in the Nineteenth Centuryed. Roger J. P. Kain (forthcoming)

Volume 6Cartography in the Twentieth Centuryed. Mark Monmonier (2015)

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